wine bar business plan

Wine bar business plan is developed for the professionals who can sell the idea. Runumber recommends: amount of investments – $23k, payback period – 2 years, profitability – 33%.

Wine Bar Business Overview

Professionals who check how wines harmonize with different meals, advise first to drink some wine evaluating its taste, then try to imagine the taste of the food on the table and complete the process with another sip.

If newly discovered aromas are recorded, then the sommelier’s task is completed.

Commonly, people visit restaurants having dressed in nice clothes and with a decent amount of money in their pocket. Instead, a wine bar can be visited after work to drink a glass of wine without losing half of the family budget.

Gottino winery is one of such places that looks more like a cozy New York bar of the late 19th century. This is a special winery with its own history, sophisticated cuisine and a rich collection of wines.

Peculiarities of Wine Bar Business

The main feature of the wine bar business is the possibility to purchase the wine in small servings. The client may not want to buy the whole bottle, especially if he came alone, without friends. He prefers to get acquainted with a bouquet of several wines not in order to get drunk, but to taste them in turn and find out which dish each of them harmonizes with. Wine bars provide an opportunity to do this at a reasonable price. Lyon wine bar, one of the most popular wine bars, even has a motto “No wine snobs”.

To start implementing the wine bar business plan template, you need a starting capital, which will be spent on equipment and rent of the premises. It’s better to open wine bars in a central part of the city. Get ready to spend a lot of money on the purchase of wine (at least 100 positions including three bottles of each position). You can also conclude an agreement with suppliers and buy wine in larger quantities. Also, it’s necessary to purchase enough glasses. If the bar has 30 seats, you need at least 120 glasses, i.e. 60 glasses for red wine and another 60 for white wine. A good glass costs about $5. The minimum check is $10 on average, but you need to count on the audience of 30 people, since this is the only way to return your investments.

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Equipment for a Wine Bar

Depending on the wine bar’s specialization, it’s necessary to purchase heating or cooling equipment. The expenses must be specified in the wine bar startup business plan. The list of equipment usually includes but is not limited to the following items:

  1. Freezer for cooling glasses for white and sparkling wine.
  2. Professional refrigerator to store bottles with wine.
  3. Cooling case (or several).
  4. Apparatus for bottling wine.

A refrigerator for storing wine should maintain the temperature regime of a wide range, namely, from 10 degrees for white wine to 18 degrees for saturated red wine. As a rule, wine refrigerators consist of two sections, i.e. there is a separate section for white and red wines.

The cost of a minimum set of equipment starts from $20,000.

Peculiarities of Wine Bar Advertising

Based on the peculiarities of business, all traditional advertising techniques for the new wine bar business plan will not work, since the bar’s potential clients literally do not watch TV.

It makes sense to start the promotion campaign of the wine bar from the very facade before the official opening. Since wine is a refined product, it is worth avoiding bright and saturated colors. Marketing managers advise to use the burgundy color or straw shades. Colors of aquamarine or olive may also be suitable.

Depending on the wines that will be served in the bar, the signboard should be either medium in size hanging above the front door (perfect for wines of average and lower price segment), or variations of the engraved copper plate near the door. It is also highly recommended to create and promote communities in social networks.

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