pancake cafe business plan

Pancake cafe business plan is an alternative type of fast food with a minimum set of equipment. Runumber recommends: amount of investments – $6k, payback period – 1 year, profitability – 82%.

Review of Pancake Cafe Business

Pancakes are very popular in Russia. In many western countries, it’s only an additional dish, which is often served additionally to drinks. But in Russia and other countries of the former USSR it is an independent meal that can be served in a large assortment. If you involve a cook to create the menu, you can opt between at least 50 different recipes.

Several large networks control the pancake market in Russia. For example, Vkusnolyubov pancake network holds strong positions and operates on the market since 2004.

However, it is not true that large networks occupied the market completely. The niche is quite empty, so there is enough room to create and implement a business plan about pancake cafe. Small cafes not only compete effectively with the market leaders, but are more creative in many ways offering their clients the original pancake recipes, as well as non-traditional fillings.

Peculiarities of Pancake Cafe Business

The main difference between pancake cafes and other fast food outlets is that the pancake is cooked directly in front of the client using a special pancake machine. The client can see that the pancake is fresh and not cooked in advance from the semi-finished product. In addition, the client observes the process of preparing the filling and can determine its quality.

Creamy pancake business plan becomes increasingly relevant during crisis periods. The price of pancake is more affordable compared to hot dogs with the calorie content sometimes exceeding the latter. That’s why people with incomes below the average visit pancake cafes most of all. The average check does not exceed $2.

The third feature of pancake cafes is that a person  can order a hearty unsweetened pancake with a dense filling as the main dish and a light sweet pancake with confiture or jam for dessert with coffee or tea.

Equipment Necessary for Pancake Cafe

Despite the apparent simplicity of the dish, specialized pancake equipment is still needed. The expenses on purchasing equipment must be included in a pancake business plan. The typical list of equipment includes the items as follows:

  1. Pancake machine (4 pcs.).
  2. Contact grill (1 pc.).
  3. Refrigerator (2 pcs.).
  4. Bar counter.
  5. Coffee machine (1 pc.).
  6. Electric kettle (1 pc.).
  7. Fire extinguishers and fire alarms with installation (1 pc.).
  8. Knives, dishes, etc.
  9. Cash register (1 pc.)
  10. Signboard (1 pc.).
  11. Other items.

The cost of pancake equipment (cafe area 100 sq.m.) starts from $5500.

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Peculiarities of Advertising Pancake Cafes

After the first customers appear and appreciate the taste of the pancakes, the amount of ads can be reduced, because viral marketing will come into effect instead. The more tastier and original the menu is, the better the pattern works. But advertising is absolutely necessary to attract the clients.

Marketing managers also advise using the following tricks when elaborating pancake business plan sample:

  1. Design your cafe according to the chosen style (both inside and outside). Pancake cafe should be recognizable, which means the signboard must be bright and original with a clear and informative logo. It is also worth taking care of the corporate clothing of the staff.
  2. Carry out various actions and events.
  3. Offer your clients free tastings.
  4. Provide a bonus when buying multiple servings of the same pancakes.
  5. Distribute discount leaflets.
  6. Develop cafe’s pages in popular social networks.
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