catering business plan

Catering business plan can be an attractive option for those who have a good team of cooks, ready to  serve quickly a lot of clients at the same time.

Overview of Catering Business

In terms of market coverage, catering is far ahead of the fast food market. About a third of the population in the developed countries eats outside their homes. At the same time, the catering market is rapidly growing. This largely happens due to the growing popularity of the outdoor rest.

Despite the fact the idea of ​​catering is new in many developing countries, this business pattern began developing actively at the beginning of the 20th century. For example, the famous catering company ARAMARK was founded in 1936. Nowadays, this international company operates in 22 countries and employs 255 thousand people who cook both daily and holiday meals. About two billion dinners are prepared every year.

In the USA, ANN SATHER is one of the most popular catering companies. The company has been on the market since 1981 and operates in Chicago. Two years later, Blue Plate opened in Chicago, which conquered the market due to its creativity and high cooking standards.

Peculiarities of Catering Business

There are several options to implement the business plan for catering. First of all, you can provide catering services for holidays. The second option is stationary catering, i.e. when services are provided in a certain room. The third option is a supply contract.

Each of the catering models requires creating its own unique business plan. In general, there is one thing common to the aforementioned business models: an excellent team and a portable kitchen are necessary to organize such type of service. Frequently, kitchen on wheels provides the required mobility. It allows to solve all the problems associated with the preparation of a standard set of dishes even under the absence of electricity and gas. It is also possible to implement the concept by cooking in a remote kitchen. Additionally, it will be necessary to ensure the timely delivery of food.

Equipment for Catering

In order to run this business, you need to invest in portable equipment. Perhaps you should even consider a kitchen on wheels, which includes a standard kitchen set for cooking and additional equipment for generating electricity.

Disposable tableware accounts for a large part of operating expenses in the catering business plan. If you consider the possibility of providing catering of the banquets, the purchase of dishes is mandatory. On average, the cost of van equipment amounts to $40 000.

If cooking is carried out in a stationary kitchen, a vehicle for transportation is needed.

Peculiarities of Advertising Catering

Small cities have a great need for catering services of a good quality. Therefore, the best way of advertising is to establish personal contacts with business owners, hospitals and clinics. You can also try to implement the idea of catering organizing meals for children.

The best advertisement of catering services is reputation, so you need to create interesting dishes. It is also important to consider some budget dinners that are always in demand in office centers.

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