Business plan of Chinese restaurant

Work on weekends, interior and traditional Chinese menu will make the business plan of Chinese restaurant profitable. Runumber recommends: amount of investments – $10k, payback period – 1.5 years, profitability – 63%.

Overview of Chinese Restaurant Market

If anyone still doubts that Chinese cuisine is extremely popular in the USA, it’s enough to observe how the Americans celebrate Christmas holidays. According to The New York Times, many inhabitants of New York city cannot imagine their Christmas holidays without Chinese food.

Chinese restaurants became popular because many residents of the country had their Christmas Eve supper at Chinese restaurants, since these were the only ones working on Christmas Eve. Today it has already become a tradition to buy food in a Chinese restaurant.

Approximately 40,000 Chinese restaurants operate in the United States nowadays. This quantity far exceeds the number of McDonald’s burger restaurants (there are only 14,000 of them).

Brooklyn Kings County Imperial is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in New York. Its main attraction is the soy sauce, which flows through the special pipe to the taps at the counter. Here you can also taste Sichuan cucumbers, Beijing street noodles and a duck smoked in tea leaves.

Peculiarities of Chinese Restaurant

It is no secret that the Chinese restaurant with traditional European-style decorations is a bad idea. Chinese cuisine requires a Chinese environment. Now it is not a problem to buy all the necessary attributes of Chinese interior design. However, if you don’t know the nuances and meaning of the symbols, you can easily offend the feelings of the Chinese people, so it’s worth consulting an experienced specialist.

Also, the chef must be either a native from China, or a culinary specialist who was trained in China, since it is impossible to cope with a huge number of traditional sauces and dishes without being a true professional.

Any business plan for Chinese restaurant requires a well-designed menu that does not repeat those offered by your competitors. It’s necessary to cook new dishes that are unknown to the clients. Nevertheless, experts advise not to focus on too exotic meals, since even the Chinese themselves do not eat them now.

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Equipment for Chinese Restaurant

The products and their combinations as well as the cooking techniques are a characteristic feature of the Chinese restaurant. In order to cook Chinese dishes, you need to purchase special stoves on which the installation of a Wok pan is possible.  Chinese restaurant business plan includes the costs for acquiring such equipment. Wok pans are famous for their conical shape and convex bottom. Due to it, the heat treatment at a maximum possible temperature takes only a few minutes. Also, only a necessary minimum of oil and fat is used.

You have to purchase several professional rice cookers, since rice is a traditional ingredient in most Chinese dishes. Rice is prepared in a special way and only using a special rice cooker.

In addition, refrigeration equipment as well as chopping tables must be included in the set of kitchen equipment.

Another indispensable attribute of Chinese cuisine is the traditional tableware in which the meals are served and from which the visitors eat. Tableware may become the final solution that completes the harmony between Chinese cuisine and interior.

Do not forget about the traditional culture of tea drinking, which requires porcelain cups. They are very expensive but worth buying, because tea in Chinese porcelain looks and tastes completely different.

The minimum cost of equipment for the Chinese restaurant is from $90,000 (for a small but cozy traditional restaurant).

Peculiarities of Advertising Chinese Restaurant

Experts advise to divide marketing activities into several stages.

The first stage begins long before the opening of the restaurant with the design of a signboard and a facade. They should be decorated in a traditional style.  You can write the restaurant’s name in hieroglyphs and duplicate in Latin (Cyrillic).

It’s also worthwhile to conduct a survey, asking the citizens questions about how often they visit restaurants, what they think about the Chinese cuisine and what they expect from a traditional Chinese restaurant that will soon open in the city center. This will foster public interest to the restaurant.

The second stage begins on the opening day. Prior to the very opening, you can send invitations to the city officials, businessmen and bankers to taste Chinese dishes.

The third stage includes traditional methods like advertising in the media, website development and promotion, creating pages in social networks as well as advertising on banners, citylights and billboards.

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