Five Ideas of National Cuisine Restaurants

If you are going to open a restaurant of some national cuisine, you must not only select the menu carefully, but also create a peculiar interior. National cuisine restaurants require significant investment. Most of the money is spent on creating the appropriate environment and organizing an ongoing supply of quality products which aren’t typical for the local area.

Chinese restaurant

China’s national cuisine is undoubtedly ranked first in terms of popularity among other national cuisines of the world. Residents of developed countries are eager to visit Chinese restaurants since they offer a wide range of fish and vegetable dishes with an unusual taste. Cuisine of a Chinese restaurant isn’t limited only to the noodle with Chinese spices. It takes a lot of experience to start this business. But it is even more important to bring the culture and traditions of cooking and consuming food to the ultimate customer. The main costs of a Chinese restaurant refer to the cost of labor and supply of quality products.

Japanese restaurant

Japanese cuisine restaurant is worth opening when there is access to the fresh fish of a good quality. Even simple sushi requires the supply of fresh fish. However, to ensure that the Japanese restaurant does not look like a sushi bar, it is necessary to arrange the supply of a wide range of fish. Of course, you have to hire a highly qualified specialist of Japanese origin to cook the meals in a right way. Quite often the health of clients depends on the quality of food.

3 Italian restaurant

Pizza is the most famous but not the only Italian dish. If you plan to open a solid Italian restaurant, get ready to create the right environment first of all. Despite all the noisiness and temperament of the Italians, the best Italian cafe is a cozy cafe. As a rule, the main costs of running Italian restaurant are related to the creation of the apropriate atmosphere.

4 French restaurant

French cuisine is not aimed at the amateurs. Only restaurants with the industry rewards and famous chefs can enjoy a large flow of visitors. These are the restaurants located in metropolitan areas and large cities with a sufficient quantity of solvent people. Opening such a French restaurant requires a lot of expense. You have to be very careful choosing the location, menu, staff and service.

5 Russian restaurant

It makes no sense to open a Russian restaurant in Russia. Cheap Russian meals can be sold more expensively only abroad. It’s necessary to create a specific atmosphere of the old tsarist Russia, which does not exist anymore. Since the very meals are traditional and simple, it is difficult to attract the average American or European clients. That’s why an entertainment program should be considered to gain a regular audience.

Five Thematic Restaurants

It is difficult to surprise tourists or even locals with the ordinary restaurants. There are plenty of them nowadays since the restaurant business is popular everywhere. However, you can always come up with some fresh and interesting ideas to attract the attention of your target audience. The main thing to keep track of in implementing such a business plan is to support the high quality level. It prevents the thematic restaurant from turning into an ordinary one.

6 Healthy food restaurant

Healthy food restaurant does not necessarily have to be a vegetarian one. In developed countries, at least 30% of the population needs to change their diet, so healthy meals can be cooked from a variety of products, including meat and even alcohol. The main business costs are associated with the creation of a unique menu that will be both tasty and of high nutrition value.

7 Molecular cuisine

Only people with an excellent expertise in chemical and food industries can cope with such challenging task as running a molecular cuisine restaurant. One opens the molecular cuisine restaurant to capitalize the special skills and experience of a chef. Otherwise, it is impossible to succeed in this area of activity. The average check covers the cost of the product several times. The number of clients depends on the number of solvent people or the flow of tourists.

8 Wedding restaurant for 100 seats

Wedding restaurant for 100 seats  is commonly run by people who have their own premises. They are also able to coordinate a large number of kitchen staff working irregularly. As a rule, such establishments are popular on weekends and holidays. That’s why this business can be supplemented with catering services.

9 Waterfront restaurant

Sea, lake or river, it doesn’t matter where you open waterfront restaurant. In any case, it should allow clients to relax for 4-5 hours after work or on weekends. The main costs of this restaurant are related to the construction and security. The menu can be very different.

10 Barbecue restaurant

People who are experts in quality meat are a perfect fit to run this business. There are many peoples in whose cuisine meat is the main dish, so they cook it perfectly. That’s why you need to find a good chef who can cook a perfect kebab or barbecue. The cost of setting up such a restaurant may be minimal. Many small barbecue restaurants are open-air.

Eight Ideas for Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food outlets are focused on serving a large number of customers. That’s why such business plan can be implemented only in case large premises are available and the conditions for the simultaneous serving of dozens of clients are created.

11 Fast food outlet

There is no point in opening just another fast food outlet in a big city. It becomes increasingly difficult to compete with existing big market players. Instead, for the cities with a population less than a million, this business is worth starting. You can compete not only in terms of prices but also offering an interesting menu.

12 Burger cafe

Generally, burger cafe does not have to be a fast food outlet. You can make epic burgers not at the price of a McDonald’s burger, but at the price of a restaurant meal. The choice of a concept shapes the approach to business planning. If it is a fast food, it’s necessary to organize the preliminary preparation of the ingredients. If it is a special dish, you need to arrange a regular daily supply of products.

13 Food track

Food track is an opportunity to implement any concept of the fast food outlet. The main thing in this business is to equip the truck in a right way and provide the opportunity to prepare several dishes at once in convenient conditions. The investments in this business are minimal, but the profitability may equal to that of the ordinary cafes.

14 Pancake cafe

The main advantage of pancake cafe is that there is no need to hire a chef. However, you need to develop some creative stuffings and change the assortment now and then. The main cost is the purchase or lease of the premises.

15 Bakery

It can be both a shop and a small cafe that can serve up to twenty people. The main costs are related to the purchase of baking equipment. For a small cafe, a coffee machine and a cash register are often enough. The main advantage of business is to create the product that everyone needs.

16 Bakery for students

This business plan is targeted at a wide range of consumers. You only need to organize a smooth production process. You can earn decent money, if you locate your mini-bakery next to the educational establishments. The major part of investments is related to the purchase of baking equipment.

17 Bakery in the shopping mall

Bakery in the shopping mall is one of the most successful concepts for baking business. It is difficult to launch such a business without prior agreements with supermarkets. However, this business idea is worth implementing in small cities.

18 Snack bar

Small snack bars will always be very popular in educational establishments and places where a large number of people gathers. As soon as you notice there is no kiosk or small snack bar in a crowded place, quickly catch the idea and implement it. The expenses for such business plan are minimal. The main costs are related to leasing the retail space.

Small Cafes

We have selected six business plans for small cafes that may become a family business. These cafes are not targeted at a large number of visitors, that’s why they should be cozy and interesting. The founders will have the opportunity to be creative in order to introduce something special.

19 Cafe

A whole family may start this business. Cafe is not as profitable as restaurants. It doesn’t require significant investment. Developing a simple menu and creating a cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy a steady income.

20 Coffee shop

Coffee kiosks are now located literally at every corner of any city. When it comes to small towns, there are areas with a lack of points where aromatic coffee with various syrups is sold. If you are thinking about starting your own restaurant business but are short on money, try to start with a coffee shop. This is the simplest business option that will allow you to learn many things in the restaurant business.

21 Hookah cafe

If you are an expert in hookahs and can create all the conditions for a comfortable rest in a few hours, don’t hesitate and start your own undertaking. Hookah cafe is hardly a popular institution. That’s why don’t open another hookah cafe in a small town, as customers may not be enough. If we talk about big cities, there are no restrictions here.

22 Anti-cafe

If you don’t want to cook anything, you can open an anti-cafe. In this case, you just need to entertain your clients. If you know how to bring people together and unite them around some interesting matter, anti-cafe business has many chances to succeed. The main expenses are related to the payment of fees to famous people.

23 Tea cafe

This business can be simple and complex simultaneously. In case tea is considered as an alternative to coffee, then this business is similar to that of a coffee shop. But if tea cafe is a place for tea ceremonies, it is a very difficult business. You should start it only if the right audience is available. People may visit such places as museums or theaters, but only few of them will become regular clients.

24 Cafe for children

Family cafes differ from the usual ones only by the available playground for children. The main audience is parents with their children. That’s why it is necessary to create an appropriate menu and invite animators who will entertain children. A the same time, parents will be able to calmly drink coffee or eat at least the simplest pizza.

Four Business Plans of Bars

A bar is a specific business that not everyone can cope with. It should be noted that the bars are places for the adults. The main problem here is related to alcohol consumption. You never know what to expect from the drunk clients. If you need some drive in your life, go ahead, this may well be your business. We have prepared four business plans for different types of bars.

25 Restaurant&bar

Such place offers not only a drink but a delicious meal as well. This type of business is complex enough. It requires considerable investment in the kitchen equipment, as well as bar and reception area. The peculiarity is that restaurant&bar can be located in different parts of the city, even on the outskirts. If the place is thematic, people will come from afar to visit it.

26 Wine bar

If you have been planning to turn your hobby into a business for a long time, you may try to present your wine collection to the public launching a wine bar. Good winemakers have more chances to succeed since they understand the product better. Though, a correct marketing campaign is also necessary. Another important thing in this business is to create a quality product.

27 Bar

Even an ordinary bar in an unusual location can become a favorite place for relaxation for many people. If you have the opportunity to rent old cellars, get a place by the lake, river or sea, don’t hesitate and open a bar. Invite guests, entertain visitors and make money. This business is very profitable.

28 Beer pub

If you are brewing craft beer, it would be great to take care of a permanent point of sale. Of course, you can negotiate with local restaurants, cafes and supermarkets on the volumes of supply. A branded beer pub of your own allows you to attract regular clients and benefit from a smooth brewing process.

Services Provided to Restaurants

29 Delivery

You do not have to open your own restaurant in order to be involved in the restaurant business and earn money from their customer flow. Quite often, it is enough to have your own vehicle to start making money on deliveries. Fuel expenses represent the main business costs. If you manage to keep the fuel price relatively cheap, your business may become very profitable.

30 Catering

It makes sense to start catering business in case you have a large team able to work smoothly without disrupting the production process. The kitchen can be equipped in any place. The most important matter is to perform the orders precisely. You can also try to get a government order to ensure a continuous workflow.